The People Have Spoken – Birchwood is a great place to stay in Camden

Truly can’t say enough how we enjoy the very pleasant considerate folks who choose to stay with us at Birchwood in Camden, Maine. It means a lot when people take the time to share their thoughts with us personally and also online via social media and review sites like TripAdvisor. Recently, TripAdvisor informed us that […]

Find Birchwood on Instagram and other social media

New Year 2016 brings a couple resolutions at Birchwood. Better late than never, Birchwood is now – finally – also on Instagram. Another resolution began the month prior – to hike more in the Camden Hills State Park. After all, it is basically right in our back yard! No doubt we take advantage of the park’s proximity but […]

lobster traps on dock

It’s a new dawn, its a new day…

Birchwood Sustainable Lodging in Camden, Maine is facing the fact that y’all want to click to book! Who can blame you? It is so easy and so handy, especially when you are on the road and on the move. Hope you like our new site, also mobile-friendly. Check out the location menu tab. So neat! Hungry? Look […]

A view of Curtis Island Lighthouse from a sailboat in the bay

Top Ten Day

When birdsong is your morning wakeup call and you open the door to bright blue skies and sunny gorgeous weather it is what our mom would call a “top 10 day.” Here are some favorite things to do around Camden on a top 10 day: Walk. Have a thrilling outdoor adventure without being an expert hiker […]

on deck of a chartered sailboat approaching Camden harbor and Curtis island light house

Where the Locals Eat

Where do the locals eat?” is a common question from our guests. When we reply, “The Waterfront.” they frequently counter with “Ok, but what’s the name of the restaurant?” “Umm, that is the name.” Our own Abbott & Costello routine. view menu Why? Because it is where Camden locals (and plenty of visitors) go, where […]

A view of Curtis Island Lighthouse from a sailboat in the bay

Making the Romantic Getaway in Maine List!

So much fun to make the VacationIdea list of beautiful places for a romantic weekend vacation in Maine.  Add to the romance and plan ahead a few things to do while you are here with us. From the simple to the extravagant we have plenty of ideas to offer you. Keep things easy and pick up some […]