Birchwood – lodge & farmette - Camden, Maine, 4843, United States

Offering discounts to those taking The Maine Adventure Challenge – a live, puzzle-orientated adventure game that will take you through the prettiest villages, up mountains and around the shorelines of coastal Maine. Mention our code MACPACK17 to get your discount.

Decipher clues (that will get increasing more difficult as you go) and solve mysterious codes. Each solution will take you down a new path or up a new summit all while you enjoy spectacular scenery.

This is a mentally and physically demanding challenge, an extreme adventure that is NOT a walk in the park (though you might find yourself walking through the park). The challenge is designed to take approximately 2 days. Some may be able to complete the challenge faster, and others may take much longer; it's not necessary to do it all at once. The challenge is open when the mud dries up in mid-May through the end our our beautiful fall foliage season in late October. Your challenge pass is good for the whole 2017 season and no reservations are necessary, unless you opt for our Getaway Package where you'll make reservations with a participating inn.

You can run or walk, it's your choice because it's not a race. While not necessary for completion, some parts of the challenge can be accessed by bike and kayak helping you navigate faster... or at least making it that much more fun for those traveling with bikes or kayaks.