Birchwood – lodge & farmette - Camden, Maine, 4843, United States

Healthy green accommodations in Camden Maine

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Our accommodations are arguably the greenest of places to stay in Camden, Maine because we take the mantra of Scott and Helen Nearing to heart – “Do the best that you can, in the place that you are. And be kind.”  A back-to-the-land approach is applied both to our business and our daily life.

Upgrades, repairs and a solar thermal system to heat our hot water (instead burning a whole lot of oil) have cut our electricity, propane and oil usage across the board. Greening up housekeeping at Birchwood means using plant-based products; hanging linens outside on sunny days; purchasing goods locally whenever we can; and recycling and repurposing and all this adds up to a healthier experience to your stay in Camden Maine.

Extensive gardens surround Birchwood lodge and farmette to support feeding our guests, our family, our animals and our pollinators. The farmette's gardens are also fed – kitchen scraps and landscape cuttings are all composted. (The plants love the leftover morning coffee grounds!) Fruit, vegetables and laying hens are raised on site. The permaculture-inspired interplantings of native perennials, beneficials and medicinals support resiliency, higher-quality soil, stronger plants and a healthier, more diverse environment for our guests and our home here in beautiful bucolic Camden Maine.